Direct – Big Finny (Music Video)

Big Finny is back with a brand new single, “Direct” to get your speakers popping! Normally I break down the theme but I don’t really think there is one, the best I can pick up is that Finny is trying to figure out why a female he’s into isn’t being upfront about their relationship. Now while I couldn’t tell you what the story is I can say the production is hot: produced by Silo with polearm assisting in mixing I was quite taken back by the beat as this is a whole different direction from what Big Finny has been releasing in the past couple years. With that sentence it leads more into the story as to maybe this being Finny showing a change in direction as an artist, adopting a more pop/trap sound that uses his vocals rather than rapping. Now I have to say the music video is the real star here, directed by Ripadam I really felt taken back by the beautiful scenery used throughout the video along with the visual editing that brought more charm out of Finny. Show major love to everyone who tagged in on this project by sharing or following them!

Direct – Big Finny (Music Video)

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