Dear Young Boy – C-Murder (Music Video)

C-Murder dropped a brand new single in support of fellow Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy titled “Dear Young Boy” on July 8th, 2022. Murder acts like the OG he is by trying to give the 22 year old rapper advice as he is currently battling for his freedom due to his constant legal issues spanning from attempted murder to weapons charges. This feels from the heart as C-Murder compares his situation in which he was unfairly sentenced for a murder he never committed and how it has robbed him of 20 years which inspired the lines where Murder states that “he needs him on the streets” since NBA is a creation of C-Murder and many other No Limit Records artist but that also leads to how C feels maybe he is to blame for how NBA YoungBoy has acted. This at the end of the day is an awesome way for an OG who is still fighting for his freedom to help stop many of the younger artist today from falling in the same light that he is in. Off from the lyrics, production slaps on here which isn’t much of a shock because this was released through the newly bought Death Row Records and Tru Records who put bro on a great beat to voice his message on. Great single with a fantastic story that I hope gets more love since it seems to be under a lot of peoples radar currently.


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