Mitchell & Ness Bought Out by Fanatics, Jay-Z & Friends

It was reported on February 18th that Mitchell & Ness, best known for manufacturing throwback sports gear has been bought out by multiple parties for 250 Million. Michael Rubin, founder of Fanatics acquired the brand along with Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Maverick Carter and the D’Amelio family for what seems like so little as M&N is one of the top selling brands in sports. Being a former employee for Lids I can attest that we sold a heavy supply of throwback jerseys from the Philadelphia based brand through my 4 years with the company. Details that have came out said Fanatics will own 75% while 25% shall be divided amongst the other parties, now I wonder who gets what percentage but I’d argue Meek will have the highest next to Jay. This is just another monopoly for Fanatics who bought all of the card industry last year, what is next for their blank check?


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