STAYBROKE – Casey Cope (Music Video)

The creative mind of Casey Cope bloomed on his recent single, “STAYBROKE.” Released December 14th, 2021; the music video continues his colorful vision that makes his videos standout from a lot of the artist in the community. His style is very reminiscent of Odd Future with production design being handled by Kamrea Horne who really brought life to every background. From his own words, “STAYBROKE” is broken down as “a time during 2020 where I would mindlessly slide DM’s just because I was bored and lonely. I didn’t even wanna hangout with half of ya’ll. I finally reached a point where I was like, why is this taking up so much of my focus? I need to get my career going, I need my MONEY.” We covered the song previously so we won’t dive deeper then the quote above but we will talk more about the music video. The director, Cedric Crisologo along with the video producer Shon Myles make every shot look fresh, life is breathed in every angle Casey is shown in along with the clothing which was provided by Baba Yaga looks stunning on Cope. Overall this is an amazing video to conclude Casey Cope’s year, show him along with everyone tagged some major love!


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