Peace of Mind – Dante Marino (Single)

Indie rockstar Dante Marino released his latest single “Peace of Mind on September 23rd, 2021. First thing I’d like to not is how beautiful this brothers guitar skills are, he rocks out like a baby created by Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix after a night of acid, his fingers play the strings like a puppeteer with precision. Marino’s style blends reggae with indie rock, the laid back demeaner displayed in “Peace of Mind” that Dante sets his delicious voice over makes the track sound like a psychedelic rock that music seems to have forgotten. A line that stuck to me when I heard it was “Close my eyes so I can see; How I’ve been slaved mentally…” which I feel sets the entire tone of the track, finding your freedom through creativity, liberating your mind with knowledge while finding a better you that you never thought existed. The production on this track is wicked, as I said Marino plays the strings in a tasteful way, the slow drums with more reggae elements keeps the track jamming as Dante Marino rocks out. This is a fantastic track that I am grateful to get submitted to me, follow Marino like I did for more beautiful art.


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