Yesterday – Big Finny (Single)

Big Finny is back with a whole new single after taking a break from making music, “Yesterday” is his most ambitious piece to date. After taking a break from music and hitting rock bottom, Finny has come back feeling spiritually free of the mind as he had a awakening a few months prior and took those emotions into a studio. “Yesterday” has some of his best production ever, I was a bit twisted on my thoughts of his first album but this single has shredded those views as he advances his musical prowess even further. The lyrics revolve around Finny’s soul being reborn while looking back on his past to help strength his future. I really enjoyed the fact that Finny stayed true to his flow/delivery but added a arsenal of vocals that differentiated the track from his previous works. Overall the track is amazing, a huge thank you to Finny for allow us to post the track a day early, support my man by hitting the button below, pre-saving the track then following him on Instagram.


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