New Releases on February 5th

February 5th brings a lot of new singles from fan favorites and some decent tracks.

Gang Signs – Freddie Gibbs x Schoolboy Q (Slaps)

Freddie Gibbs teamed up with Schoolboy Q for a slapper. Freddie Gibbs transforms into a rabbit while Q takes the form of a inked turtle to rap about “Gang Signs.” The duo sounds so fucking smooth, I love the production that lays a dope jazz/funk vibe. Great song with an even better music video.

Trying to Maintain – Ice Cube (Ehh)

Ice Cube dropped a somewhat explanation to his statements from 2020 on Trump. Now I didn’t really care that Cube worked with Trump but many were touched by the West Coast OG’s business with the former POTUS. Personally the song is just eh, production is okay but feels like a futuristic version of G-Funk, Cube does a solid job at rapping but his flow at times sounds off.

God’s Bathroom Floor – Atmosphere (Slaps)

If it has Atmosphere in it you better believe it slaps, “God’s Bathroom Floor” feels like a personal story of a dying artist. To dive deeper this track really feels like a cry for help, that feeling of being so low that you snap from doing all those hard drugs, quit partying and just start to piece together your life, get clean and become better. Production is beautiful, the live version is even more beautiful so please listen to the words.

G-Unit Rice – A$AP Rocky (Slaps)

A$AP Rocky had a new song leaked titled “G-Unit Rice” that feels a lot like his 2019 single “Babushka Boi.” I really fuck with the production, Tyler’s influence has to be rubbing of because Rocky brings a blend of his style with Tyler, The Creator’s style on this trippy track. I’d be lying if I said I listened to this sober, so lyrically I wasn’t even listening but shit slapped, we need more from ya A$AP.

GNF (OKOKOK) – Polo G (Slap)

Polo G making bangers with his latest single “GNF (OKOKOK)” which has a very aggressive flow/delivery that made me hit the deck. Polo drops flowers to Pop Smoke while showing his street side, I fuck with the production but do wish Polo G matched his flow/delivery a bit better, still a slapper though.

AROMANTIC – Sheck Wes (Ehh)

Sheck Wes dropped a new single, many may not remember my man other then for his 2018 single “Mo Bamba” but I actually dig his production which was the savor for “AROMANTIC.” I had to Google what aromantic meant but to save you that Goggle search, “known as “aro,” don’t develop romantic attractions for other people. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.” Learn something everyday, lyrically the song could be good if Wes had a better flow/delivery but his beat slapped, so we give it a pass for now, probably not gonna retouch this unless I starting feeling aromantic.

Late Night Calls – Tee Grizzly (Ehh)

Grizzly took a break from RPing in GTA V to drop a new single titled “Late Night Calls.” Honestly the single slaps but I just couldn’t vibe to the bars, not because they are bad but I just felt that they’re generic for Grizzly. Tee is a shining gangsta rapper in the game who I am glad is still out here making music, production was also noteworthy but again, this could slap but for now it’s just ehh.

Up – Cardi B (Nah)

Last but not least was Cardi B who played with my feelings. I wasn’t gonna even write about this track purely due to my disinterest in her music but I was like “fuck it, I’m high, maybe it’ll sound good.” Sadly I was mistaken because after the first 25 seconds the track went too her normal broke boys, dirty talk about eggplant, milk on peaches and doo doo bars. I just, nah man not for me but if you like it then go for it.


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