Somber – LeeV (Review)

Connecticut based artist LeeV (_leev_me_alone) released a new EP on July 28th, 2020. “Somber” isn’t a traditional EP, broken into what feels like 3 different songs, the 7 minutes, 34 seconds tell a tale of pain, suffering along with addiction. The first part of the track feels like a acknowledgement to having a addiction, with a demonic, almost haunting child’s voice echo over the track while the inner demons slowly take over with the chains of pain, this first portion is fucking dark. As the song enters the middle portion is long, very daunting as the vocals stay limited. Most of the theme here for me was emptiness, drowning in your sorrows while the world continues without you. The third portion to me is redemption or rapture. This is where I feel the story sobers up to a somber morning of recounting the life they once had. Overall dope, show my man some love for this wicked music.


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