Darkest Days – Yvng Boo (Music Video)

Pittsburgh based rapper Yvng Boo (@yvng_bo0) released a music video for his single “Darkest Days” on Feburary 10th, 2020. Before I dive like a swimmer wanna just give a shoutout to ForHipHop (@forhiphop) who posted about this brother, one love to ya. Directed by DawonInHD (@dawoninhd) the song sees Boo reminisce about a former lover who he spoiled that turned on him leading to him having a dark cloud over his head, towards the second verse he slowly starts turning negative into a positive to bring himself back up. Overall solid lyrically, flow and delivery were okay but I also wanna note that the visuals were on point, sharp like a number 2 pencil, so if you enjoyed this track share while also hitting that follow button on all three of this accounts.

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