Brody Billfold – Omni ! (Review)

This just in, Georgia’s hottest group, Omni ! is back on the scene with a 3 track EP that doesn’t just slap, it murders your sound system and goes on trial but beats the charges like O.J. “Brody Billfold” is named after Omni !’s fourth member who mainly stays behind the scenes but takes center stage on the cover. Now I told ya’ll “Peachtree” was dummy hard but this EP takes the Rhino pill with how next level it is! Omni ! is best known for their alternative-rap sound that is comparable to the likes of BROCKHAMPTON or Odd Future but they really switch it up on this EP with some lyricism I ain’t really heard from them; they are in their bag with these tracks to the point where I truly think they have now fully found their identity in their music. It clocks in at 7 minutes, 39 seconds which means you have no excuse in my eyes to not hear these slaps, this is “Brody Billfold” by Omni !.

The Breakdown

“IFLOVINGMEWASHARDWHYWEBALLIN” starts it off and from the get go it hits with what sounds like a sample from “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District with a couple “Burbrbrbrbrbrbr” that remind me of Westside Gunn. Omni ! ain’t storytellers, they’re rhyme slayers, verse violators, they leave the mic sweating after they leave the studio from their murderous masterpieces in the past with this song not disappointing as all members slide some sauce with references out the wazoo. The production has that dirty south, alternative blend that leaves you disgusted by how nasty it sounds, I really believe their beats don’t sound right unless you cruising with a good system. “CAMCORDER” has two guest features from Shemar and BimboByNature who elevate this track into unforeseen territory; I mean god damn this is that good shit that keeps me entertained and a huge reason to why I as a independent journalist do a lot of free work for artist because these dudes really hit on this track! I have to really show love to Bimbo who’s voice stood out among everything, I really just like how he enters with such force without any forewarning; Shemar also stands out as he enters a bit later with a funny bar for anyone who has a hating bone in their body on these dudes. Production is so good, has me feeling like Homelander with how perfect it is, just perfect blend of dirty south and alternative. “M.T.G.” which to me stands for “Music That Good” for how well the boys pull together to conclude the EP. Their wordplay is on point here as this song sees the speed increase with each member hitting hard on their time. The wordplay again is just unspeakable, the tracks vibe feels like a song you’d hear during a chase sequence where a group of longtime friends are trying to outrun some sorta goofy villain. Production again just keeps hitting, the beat doesn’t let up until the very end!

Final Thoughts

“Brody Billfold” is such a beautiful, unexpected surprise that had me stay up past my bedtime to get a review out. Someone call Michael Jackson because This Is It, Omni ! once again nails it on the head with another homerun that has me only hoping we’ll get some more music soon. Each song is well crafted but we all can agree “CAMCORDER” is on a whole other level with its dope production, great features and sickening wordplay. You need to listen to this, follow everyone and be ready for the next drop because the Omni ! takeover is happening now! I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Brody Billfold” by Omni !


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