The Overweight Lovers In The Package: Detail Junkees Release Heavy D Action Figure

Detail Junkees always stays on dropping something any Hip-Hop fan would need for their collection, especially with their latest release that does justice for the iconic Heavy D. This release is in collaboration with MSG317 and Slick Blast Rap Cast that sees the Uptown Records legend brought to life in a 3.75″ articulated action figure that brings his full likeness out. Now besides the figure we need to give nothing but love to MSG317 who worked on the packaging and trading card that comes with the figure; with quotes around the cardboard to a great nod with the age recommendation on the front this figure will take a peaceful journey to join your collection no matter the distance. Now do not worry for those who may want to display the figure out of the packaging with his little microphone, Detail Junkees has you covered with their resealable plastic packaging so there’s no need for worry! Limited to 50 pieces at $90, you need to jump on this before it moves on; If you’re feeling lucky Detail Junkees is giving away one figure so check out their Instagram for details!


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