Manhattan’s rising star Lil Mabu released what some could argue is the Drill song of the summer. The “Independent variable” rose to prominence with his single “NO SNITHCING” featuring Dusty Locane but has been making waves by playing up his white boy persona with clever wordplay. “MATHEMATICAL DISRESPECT” is Lil Mabu’s stake to claim the “King of New York” title from Joshua who’s been around the block; Mabu isn’t holding back as cuts into the mic like a katana through bamboo with some real nasty bars that had me, a common man to the likes of Drill going damn. I really liked how he broke down a bar mid-verse then proceed to make a comedic rhythm which would lead into a new flow that really captured the fun, creative side of Mabu. The sound production on this is nuts, I really like the beat that gets you hyped up with Lil Mabu as he spits flames like Bowser! Visually the music video has great effects but also uses this recent style of the artist standing in-front of a microphone for the majority of the video with the scenery changing around them; well executed with some brilliant nods to his references. This is hot but it does leave me to wonder the future of this 18 year old, will he continue to shine for many years or fizzle away like the likes of Slim Jesus or the Island Boys; only time will tell but for now lets enjoy the music!


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