Biking in the Woods: TheCanvasDon & crushmyex Announce New Set featuring Tyler, The Creator

Donovan is collaborating with crushmyex to release a brand new set that celebrates Tyler, the Creator’s “Wolf” which turned 10 back on April 1st. We see the alternative cover for Tyler’s “Wolf” in brick form featuring Brick, the Creature who biking on his orange BMX while rocking some awesome BRICK WANG gear. This is one of the most complex sets the duo has released with a very detailed scenery surrounding Brick as he takes a ride through the forest. I really dig the box art which has a nature look from the wood design on the cardboard to the small carvings around the box that make it feel like a tree that had some hidden memories. Do not sleep on this set as it releases Friday, April 28th for $119.99; you can hit the button below to be notified on this and future drops from Donovan.


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