Funk Doctor Spock: A Bobbito Ross Release

The talented Bobbito Ross posted this awesome follow up to his Nasty Nas piece showcasing Redman in the same colorway. Often considered a member of the Wu-Tang Clan for his deep work with the group, especially with Method Man we see the Jersey native rocking his signature headband on the Shalin shadowboxing groups logo; his name spelt out in a nice kelly green with yellow backing to help make it pop! The portrait really captures Redman’s face well with great shadowing and detail to give a very realistic look to him. Great piece that you can buy from Bobbito, as always show him major love with a follow!

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1 thought on “Funk Doctor Spock: A Bobbito Ross Release

  1. Peace & Blessings
    Thank you as always
    Appreciate you


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