71′ Lakers – DirtyDiggs x Ill Conscious x Supreme Cerebral (Single)

Baltimore artist Ill Conscious teams up with Tustin, CA rapper Supreme Cerebral and LA’s DirtyDiggs disgustingly good single, “71 Lakers” on April 3rd, 2023. Ill Conscious starts the track off with handles like Magic Johnson as he glides along this beat like James Worthy where he does nothing but live up to the ill in his name; “71′ Lakers” is a showcase of two MC’s ability to spit a sweet 16 which is achieved by Conscious with no issue. Supreme Cerebral is unstoppable like Wilt Chamberlin or Kareem in the paint as he rhymes with a toughness like Kurt Rambis. I really liked Cerebral’s verse which brought that gritty sound out into the track that was showcased by the Lakers who fought to become the dynasty they are today. DirtyDiggs mixes in some snippets of old commentary of Wilt Chamberlin in this nasty beat that really kept me replaying this track wishing it was longer; I love both verses and the production to the point of where I wish this was maybe a small EP or just an extra verse longer. Overall this is a fantastic song that hopefully leads to more, show major love to everyone involved!


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