Peachtree – OMNI ! (Review)

Georgia’s dopest are back with their second LP, “Peachtree” that showcases their Southern flair with some excellent wordplay. OMNI ! released their latest album “Peachtree” on February 2nd of this year with a lot of their bangers they released a while back appearing on the 10 track project but they still supplied a bunch of new system slappers that will make you fall in love with these Georgia sweethearts. JoVaughn Simmons, J’AIME and Dawvro are here to leave your faces looking like the album cover with their energetic sound that couldn’t be bottled up; these three are on a mission to bring you fresh, explosive music you’ve yet to experience until this moment. Grab yourself a water, sign off for this special delivery straight from Georgia, this is “Peachtree” by OMNI !.

The Breakdown

We start off with “NERD” which was the second single released for the album. It showcases the trios energetic sound as they bully the track like a nerd. I had covered this along with the music released for it and claimed it as some of their best work at the time but it still stands as a fantastic track from production to it’s music video. “POP” follows and served as the first single the group released for 2022 & “Peachtree.” I again wrote about this when it initially released and spoke highly of the wordplay used with all three of these dopeboys laying it all out with their respected verses. The production bumped, I still mix this into my weekly listen because I liked how hyped I’d get from the beat and bars. “MIKE JONES” is the first new song from the group that has all three of these dudes in a smokey situation as they rap about their southern lifestyle. Similar to the Dirty South revolutionist it’s named after the trio rap about that drippy lifestyle they have in Georgia while also making a loud point that they came to takeover the rap game. Tampa, Florida music collective Barely Legal make the only guest appearance on the LP on “BARELY OMNI !” which serves as an interlude to set the listener up for the final half of “Peachtree.” The 51 second roast has Barely Legal clowning on our boys over their answer machine which gets them heated to hit back with track 5, “PEACHTREE.” This is straight lyrical slaughter as each member gets in on this high paced track that packs more bars then Wonka’s factory. It all goes good until a phone interrupts the track right in the middle, luckily J’AIME brings it back with his fast, rapid flow that hits the track with all gas, no breaks. The production is fire for this track, the beat feels like a cypher between everyone with no real breathing room until the next member jumps in.

“I’M SOUTHERN TOO” has a very nice blend of traditional Southern rap with that new-age pop rap that OMNI! has formed into their sound. The song lyrically has a focus on not worrying about drama while collecting your bag. It has a very catchy hook that keeps the blood in your veins running as you start to jump around with the energy it produces. Speaking on producing, this beat is fire with yet another slapper as it gets you hyped up to fight off any bad spirits. “BABY TEETH” may remind you of a child but this track has sharp fangs with a grill; OMNI ! take a huge chunk out with this powerful, energetic track that will motivate you to keep grinding! The beat drives your heartrate over 9000 as it ends with some more inspirational words to get you into the final stages of the LP. “10 SPEED” reminds me a bit of Mac Miller with the production, it has a slower pace compared to the previous songs in “PEACHTREE” while also seemingly slowing down the flows on each member. Now the slower pace makes sense at first with the name of the song but each member uses this slower theme to speak on their personal lives after spending the whole album to grab the listeners attention. I have to say this is one of my favorite tracks from the LP with also some of the best production as the beat has some nasty switches with the crispiest loop into “DON’T CRY IN THE SOUTH.” That carries on this nasty production as we bump and grind into the final song of the album. This intermission/short track really nails that dirty south feeling with a Chopped and Screwed sound that would make DJ Screw proud. “PARDON” concludes are full experience with Georgia’s sweetest group as all three members take a moment to call out any doubters while proving the haters wrong with their wordplay that will leave you picking up your jaw. I can say without a doubt that these boys turned to men through 10 tracks of pure Southern heat!

Final Thoughts

Overall this entire project is next level with some high level production that will leave your system yearning for a second, third and probably a 100th replay. I am very honored to claim to knowing about these talented brothers before people hop on the hype but if you’ve not listened to a single track by now then you’re missing the next group up! If you don’t believe well then check out their latest milestone as the single “NERD” is featured in MLB The Show 2023. My top three off this LP have to be “10 SPEED”, “I’M SOUTHERN TOO” and “PARDON” with each song really elevating each other. All three have in my opinion the best all around production with “10 SPEED” being my top track due to the sound and flow which really caught me off guard from what the album had been producing before hand. “I’M SOUTHERN TOO” felt like a statement with the group showcasing their own talents while paying homage to the sound that helped put the rap game on the South. “PARDON” is just pure lyrism with each member really putting their bars on display while leaving you satisfied with the full listen. If you’re looking for something to refresh your pallet then look no further, “Peachtree” will leave any fan of rap hungry for more! If you couldn’t tell by now this is a must listen to me, be sure to add this to your rotation along with some love on the music videos they released! If you’re wanting to learn more about OMNI ! read up on them by clicking on this to see every article I’ve written on them, as always I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Peachtree” by OMNI !.


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