Mr. Miller by WAG

WAG is an artist by definition who draws very interesting renditions of familiar faces. His style of painting feels like a frontal view on a Picasso with the very distorted, oddly shaped features found on each of his drawings; some artist have three sets of eyes, multiple mouths or like the late Mac Miller sporting multiple pupils in his pear shaped eye. This Mac Miller portrait is drawn with oil pastels with each stroke of his brushes showing, with some nice color detailing on spots like Malcolm’s forehead or shirt to help add some lighting effects to this piece. I really like how with an eye that could give you some nasty thoughts you can still within seconds tell that this is Larry Fisherman. If you’re really into this piece or want to see more be sure to click on the button below where you can find what WAG has for sale at some very amazing prices for what are all original pieces; be sure to show major love to WAG by following his Instagram at the start of the article.

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