catch a vibe – BradBrooks (Single)

Hippie rapper BradBrooks released his fourth single of 2023 titled “catch a vibe” on March 17th, 2023. This mellow jam has the “birthday boy” using his beautiful, mesmerizing voice to speak on simple times. The single isn’t a complicated piece as we see Brooks make his way through another day where he doesn’t hide or sugarcoat his opinions but rather speak freely on situations that he sees throughout his stays in both NY and LA. This isn’t a socially conscious song or something to get you hyped, this is a simple smokers anthem to reflect on some good times and bad; to learn from yourself and maybe get some self-growth in the process. The production handled by ZERO & Otaam matches that hippie aesthetic with a laid back tone as BradBrooks surfs the waves made by this music notes. This is a fantastic single that also has a very dope short to accompany it; if you enjoyed any part of this be sure to follow everyone involved!


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