Stacked Pack: The Latest Releases from UK Artist Sober!

Sober! is back with some brand new card sets covering both the rapper and producer side of the plate. There have been three releases since my last time covering him all sporting some iconic members of the Hip-Hop community. I will be covering just two of the releases but be sure to check his site below for the rest; as always be sure to follow him or buy some cards to show support!

West Coast Allstars Vol.1 Baseball Cards

The West Coast Allstars Vol. 1 set features 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and many more iconic West Coast artist who broke bearers in the rap game during the 80’s/90’s. Like his previous card each has the “stats” of the respected artist and a fun fact on the backside to really add into the item, making it more then just a collectable! My favorite has to be Too $hort who is swing for the Oakland Athletics.

Producers Vol.1 Baseball Cards

The Producers Vol. 1 set comes out of leftfield with its own fair share of heavy hitters; J Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and a second version of The RZA are just a few highlights from this set. My favorite has to be Pete Rock or Dilla who both have very clean designs along with some real good backsides.


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