Wealthy – Sagathe9th (Single)

South Carolina artist Sagathe9th dropped a brand new single titled “Wealthy” on December 18th, 2022. The track sees Saga rap about different forms of wealth such as knowledge, youth, life while also acknowledging the materiel forms of wealth that some people value higher in society. He explains in the second verse how wealth can cause you to lose those who claim to be “ride or die” while also showing how quick people are to swarm someone with some money. He then explains how he personally chooses to save his riches and invest them in himself verses throwing Gatsby like parties. Production was handled by BeatsByMordecai who really enriched the track tones while the mixing done by D$B Reggie blend everything being spoken into this wonderful track to help spread knowledge in a dry time for conscious rap. The music video is very simple as Sagathe9th stands infront of a microphone with a rock wall behind him as we pan to other shots including a valley of trees with him almost looking like he is in a green screen. Overall this is a dope track that deserves some major love so be sure to show everyone involved major love!


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