Chainsaw Man First Impressions

Chainsaw Man is the hot new anime after its equally popular manga series. The first 5 episodes, all that’s available at this time, offer a promising and crazy adventure. Our main character Denji was an abandoned and poor kid who works to kill devils for money. The world is filled with devils, these demons who terrorize and slaughter humans. Denji eventually strikes a deal with a devil, giving devil powers.

The show balances itself well with its main genres of action, comedy, horror, and dark fantasy. The action is extremely graphic. The animation is crisp and detailed so the gore doesn’t hold back. It helps mold its own style in a horror nature. The show is also filled with fire heavy and thrash metal tracks that pump up every action scene. The show has an interesting dark world where devils roam the world and our main character is recruited by a special agency to hunt them down. The show is also funny. It doesn’t take its ridiculous plot seriously at all, making for comedic and unique moments. Most anime protagonist want to be the best at what they do to be the best. Here, our main character wants to bet the best to hook up with girls.

The show sets off so much to enjoy early on, this is an easy must-watch and I will definitely be keeping up with Chainsaw Man.

We will have a more in-depth review on Chainsaw Man as fellow writer/founder Anthony Allen has finished the series himself and has some insight he wishes to provide on the anime. For now we early await more from this very gory yet refreshing series that we hope gets a second season confirmation.


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