block! – Jaydin Donte Geer x Jaydoh Aydoh x Arleena x Dylan Switzerland x Chosenisfrozen x Diddyfromtheno (Single)

Jaydin Geer released a collaboration track on December 9th, 2022 that would’ve made Master P proud. Jaydin had made this beat in 10 minutes but had it marinating since July with no real idea of what to do with it, so like any creative power he grabbed a bunch of fellow artist to make a cypher on the 3 and a half minute track. Featuring the likes of Jaydoh Aydoh, Arleena, Dylan Switzerland, Chosenisfrozen and Diddyfromtheno we hear a piece from each of them on a track that I think lives by its title; “block!” feels like a party with the homies where you’re all faded feeling yourself, busting out bars that could be sus to the wrong ears but since its peers you’re comfortable with everyone is having a laugh. A 10 minute beat yet it leaves a great impression as it helps flow each artist verse, fleshing out their respected time on the song so everyone hits with their bars. Overall this was an amazing song that should help get your New Year started with a bunch of new artist!


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