Kaleidoscope Raps – Theyloveoc (Single)

Theyloveoc released “Kaleidoscope Raps” back at the end of November but still left me time before the near year to show some love for a dope underground brother. The St. Louis rapper has stayed in my rotation since I covered his EP, “BlueBerry Hills” which landed on my “Top Songs 2022” Spotify mix; “Kaleidoscope Raps” keeps to the theme behind its name with a track that has no set story but rather feels like a fun joint for Theyloveoc to touch on a few different topics like loyalty, love, life, growth and more similar to the many colors and shapes you’d see if you looked into that trippy toy. The production on this track was great, matching his psychedelic-rap vibes vibes he set in his older releases. Overall this is a dope, must listen but also not his latest because he has dropped some more singles that we’ll cover soon but while you wait be sure to read my thoughts on “BlueBerry Hill” by clicking on it; show major love to Theyloveoc!


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