PARDON – OMNI (Music Video)

Georgia’s hottest trio OMNI is back with another banger, “PARDON” which dropped on November 5th, 2022. “PARDON” keeps the explosive energy the group brings with a hard hitting beat that helps keep your body in motion as this wild song starts off with JoVaughn Simmons who’s voice stands out among the boys. He raps a fury of bars that set up for Dawvro who has some of the best wordplay in the group along with his wicked fast flow that packs a punch, no ray-gun. J’ Aime along with Simmons and Dawvro come together for thechorus while the beat slowly switches up like a girl who “likes you” but “isn’t ready” for more. I think this really showcased the trios rapping abilities as the main theme to me feels like them calling out anyone who doubted or hates their style; to showoff their loud, colorful personalities on a canvas to small for their larger than life personas. Jay Que gives life to the production that is loud, hard hitting but above all elevates the groups vocals. The music video for this is fun, like many of their previous releases it has a lot of color and amazing transitions that keep it fresh for the full watch. Show love to OMNI as they takeover the rap game single by single.

PARDON – OMNI (Music Video)

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