cigarettes – FOOT (Music Video)

FOOT of Yung Men released a brand new music video for his song “cigarettes” off of his freshly released album, “the goodbad Habits.” Released on October 19th, this song tells the story of FOOT’s nasty addiction to cigarettes while also giving advice on how to break other bad habits like toxic relationships or self-hate. I really like FOOT, bro has already put a creative twist to his music which doesn’t stop here as I love his references and wordplay that really brings a lighthearted feel out on a very serious topic. az muth handled production with might, this beat had funk, spunk and no junk included as it brought out that comedic side to FOOT that he flashes like a Vegas stripe worker in many of his tracks with Yung Men. FOOT and muth would direct the video with evatt tag teaming the editing process with muth. The music video itself was very charming especially when they got to Oregon where the true beautify of breaking a bad habit is on display; the happiness on FOOT’s face shines like the mountain reflecting in the water. Amazing track from a dope brother, be sure to show him love and peep “the goodbad Habits” now!


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