Superhero from Head to Toe: Super7 & Saucony Release NYCC Exclusive CZARFACE Shoes

San Francisco based toy company Super7 is no stranger to the rap game when it comes to making cool collectibles but these limited edition Czarface shoes may be the next holy grail among Hip-Hop collectors. Teaming up with Saucony, these shoes are specially designed for any Czar fan who desires that next step in their shoe game. with a tri-color combination consisting of the groups core colors with a tan & white sole that has a very dope Czarface graphic hidden underneath as well. The detail is insane with the logo being found on both the tongue as well as the upper section of the shoe in all black. The laces have a chainmail look that really elevates the shoes appearance, bringing the music groups look really to full circle. The shoe set also comes with an exclusive ReAction figure so you have a little buddy to rock in ya sock. These would have set you back $160 if you bought them at the NYCC today but there is currently no word on if they will be available online so for now, I can only hope to stumble on a mint set in size 13.


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