Late Nights – Kasey Andre (Singles)

Washington based artist Kasey Andre is back with a brand new set of singles titled “Late Nights” that set the mood just perfectly for a outdoor adventure. Released on September 13th, Kasey hits hard with two new singles titled “Late Nights” and “Come Down” which have a very nature like essence to them as he peacefully spits on both. “Late Nights” sees Andre spill his life onto the paper as he raps about his place in the universe while breaking down how he is keeping his positive energy focused on himself so that he may succeed with his music. “Come Down” slows the motions to a more jazz-lofi like vibe where Kasey spends time showing love to that special lady that keeps your head on straight while also speaking on the positive that comes from a healthy relationship. Now I have to say the production from JBC was phenomenal, he really painted this beautiful image of life that Andre then poured his soul all over to create some very calming, real music. This is a fantastic release from the hidden gem that is Kasey Andre and JBC; show them both major love on this drop!


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