Live Through This – gore_irl (Review)

Live Through This – gore_irl

My man gore_irl released a new EP titled “Live Through This” on September 6th, 2022. gore_irl who was featured on neon moon’s “the dogs are dead.” back in August is back with his emo-pop style to enlighten the close minded with his unique style that keeps your speakers bumping. Clocking in at 7 minutes with only 4 tracks we have a short but sweet EP to listen to that provides a great listening experience in under 10 minutes. Without any further delay let me serve my thoughts on “Live Through This” by gore_irl.

The Breakdown

We start off with “courtney love” which has a real hype intro from the beat that slowly builds up gore_irl who has a Lil Uzi like verse. The Lil Uzi sound comes from FaxxOnly who produced the beat for gore_irl; lyrically the track has that same energy as gore raps about shorties who may act like the woman the tracks named after while also enjoying the rich, lavishing lifestyle that comes with being a popstar. “get a clue” is that morning hangover after a bad hookup, you hop that 2 that turned into a “10” doesn’t hit your line after you dip from the crib while going on with your day; besides that the typical trap like lyrics continue into this dope ass track that was produced by gore_irl as well. “jeepers creepers” is our third track that as a slower trap sound but still carries the topic about females with their disloyalty. Production was handled by Styleglider who really helped make it pop with a good pace that worked well with gore_irl’s flow. The final track, “ydkm” which stands for “you don’t know me” is all about showing those cats who wanna act like they understand you the real you that is kept away from everyone; I really liked this tracks production which was handled by Igormeal & placerbeatz who kept the traditional vibe of the EP but added their own spice to the mix. I would like to give huge credits to lwrcs who mixed the entire EP, did a fantastic job!


On-top of this awesome EP was a overlooked merch release through BOYWEAPON on September 2nd, 2022. First I have to say I love the ECW themed cover magazine gore_irl and BOYWEAPON created but let’s talk about how slick this merch is; “not quite hollywood” is the name of this piece that has a modified version of gore’s “Bible Study” playlist logo as the front hit while the back is styled like a tour tee with a bunch of countries flags on the back. The prices alone are a steal with the shirts at $25 while a hoodie will run you $35 which is a deal so if you dig this EP support the homie with a shirt purchase.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this was a great EP that hit its marks high for only being 7 minutes long. I have to say I hope to see gore_irl continue with this Lil Uzi Vert, emo-pop sound because I really dig the whole vibe of it along with the way he is working his vocals as he doesn’t rap in the traditional way. I added this to the Beneath the Streets playlist for a reason and maybe you should too as gore_irl is not a brother to sleep on. Be sure to follow him along with all of the other very talented artist who helped create this EP, as always I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Live Through This” by gore_irl.

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