Smoke Breaks – Shyland Flowers x Sylvan LaCue x Sean King (Music Video)

Greenville, SC artist Shyland Flowers teamed up Florida’s Sylvan LaCue & Orlando’s Sean King for his latest single, “Smoke Breaks.” Flowers starts the laid back smoker anthem with his deep, raspy voice as he speaks through the vapors with some smooth wordplay on life and fun. I really dig his flow/delivery as really brings that southern charm with his voice that stands out and defined his time on the track. Sean King’s beautiful voice tackles the chorus as we build up to the talented Sylvan LaCue who enters the second half like the Detroit Lions this past Sunday with a hungry energy; he devours his time with an amazing verse that steals the show. Now besides a nasty one-two combo this beat was really hitting, produced by ae beats he really brings the best out of all these artist on a mellow, slow burning beat built around these drums and snares. The music video doesn’t shy away from that beauty as it has a lot of color along with fun visuals that really brought it together; I also want to point out the beautiful art that honors black excellence which needs no other wording then that. Overall this is an excellent track from some talented men in the game so be sure to show them major love!


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