Ready II Rumble: Metal Face Enters the Collection

Detail Junkees has finally dropped their amazing Metal Face figure for pre-order just in time for the holidays. Designed by the likes of Detail Junkees and FabKingz with Amity 3D printing the actual figure, MF DOOM is brought to life in this awesome piece that pays homage to the traditional Hasbro WWF figures. Steven Cromwell better known as Weird Maker brought life to the box art with these awesome stencil drawings of “Metal Face” ready to you with his signature move, the “Meatgrinder.” I really love the detail on the back which showcases his height, weight, origin and championships along with the sad humor from Detail Junkees that reads “Don’t resell my bootleg for double the value please.” Very sad how these awesome items can run up a bill due to some scalpers but Detail Junkees is producing a limited release of 50. The figure itself will have some articulation to it so you can get it set for mic slamming poses. Hitting the button below will bring you straight to the figure where you can purchase a sealed or unsealed version for $125. Pre-orders will be shipped around December 1st which is the deadline set for production so again do not sleep! Be sure to cop to support a very awesome bootleg company that does it for the fans not the fame!


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