Cole World: J. Cole Announced as Next-Gen Dreamer Edition Cover Star

2K has officially taken a huge W in my eyes by announcing the release of the “Dreamer Edition” for their yearly NBA release. First things first, this cover is hot; I have mever wanted to own a game because of the cover but I can now say 2K has taken that spot on my list with this very clean, well edited piece that has me wondering what is involved with this “Dreamer Edition.” I would bet Cole is either playable or apart of the MyCareer mode. Now I will assume besides J. Cole being the cover that the extras will be the same as the “Championship Edition” but they may sprinkle some extras since this will be an exclusive to GameStop in both Canada and the U.S. Expect the “Dreamer Edition to drop Fall of this year around when the game will release on both last & new-gen system.

NBA 2K23 “Dreamer Edition”

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