The Masked Mamba: Kobe Bryant by Dario de Leon

The homie OldHeads LA commissioned the talented Dario de Leon to create a fantastic Kobe Bryant piece with the Black Mamba overlooking the streets of LA. OHLA will be releasing this amazing piece as the latest installment in their apparel release sees the late Kobe wearing his black facemask in style to Batman but not just any Batman rather one of the greatest which is the 92′ animated series one voiced by Kevin Conroy. With a very touching, personal letter in his post about the piece OHLA explains the inspiration to have this piece made which Leon nailed with a very amazing look that gives me 90s The Source vibes. If you want one be sure to DM OHLA who has vowed to donate a percentage of all the sales towards the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation.

The Masked Mamba: Kobe Bryant by Dario de Leon

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