Gawdlike – Lil Voe (Music Video)

South Carolina based artist Lil Voe released his latest single “Gawdlike” on August 25ht, 2022 with an accompanying music video dropping just hours ago today! Lil Voe dives into a personal story about his hunger to succeed in the music industry while speaking on how he keeps his circle tight to avoid any snakes hidden in the grass. Voe dices up some hot bars that emphasize his commitment to making it with his musical abilities so he can leave the 9-5 life while being able to support his loved ones. The second half of the track expresses the side he keeps away from the public as he expresses a loneliness he has battled for a while as he focuses on being a better him by 30 while some cats try to “do it for the city” but the city don’t want them. The first seconds of this song give light to these ideas when a disembodied voice says “You the only one that can help yourself…” which really hit me the second listen because it completely went over my head. Lyrically this is a fantastic storytelling track that felt refreshing with Lil Voe’s flow/delivery being a huge strength to the songs unique sound. Speaking on sound I have to say the production is fire with a very nice rhythm of drums that keep the beat thumping as the choir like acoustic vocals that loop over really bring this holy feeling that really drives home that Lil Voe is feeling “Gawdlike.” The music video is well done wit credits to ShotByRicki who captures the lighthearted side of Voe while capturing every expression or move without him not being the focus. I especially think the idea of Voe having a booth session just on the court is a dope concept that I haven’t personally seen done as the world is his booth to spit it! Amazing track, video and job by a talented brother that has a bright future so be sure to keep Lil Voe on your radar!


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