They’re Back: Killer Klowns from Outer Space Official Reveal Trailer

It has been announced that an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game based off of the 1988 horror classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space is set for release! Teravision Games along with Randy Greenback (Executive Director of Friday the 13th: The Game) have combined forces to bring Shorty, Spikey and all your favorite Klowns back for a 3v7 survival experience based in Crescent Cove, a “quiet suburban town in central California” that has everything that made the 80’s rock! There is currently 5 Klown classes ranging from trappers to tank while the humans also have 5 classes that range from your Punk character who can run fast or your Redneck class which have a shotgun at the start of the match. The game is currently set for an early 2023 release with an open coming later this year. If you wish to read more hit the button below to be taken directly to the games site where you can join me in signing up for the beta along with getting an exclusive item for joining their Discord.

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