How To Make Clones – B.o.B (Music Video)

B.o.B is back dropping yet another slapper titled “How To Make Clones” on August 10th, 2022. B.o.B continues the conspiracy rap with “How To Make Clones” making many nods to the idea that 9/11 was an inside job with references to it 20 years before it happened while also asking whos that person pulling the strings behind the scene. He continues with a dive into aliens and biology that would leave you wanting to smoke a J and watch some History channel. I think that the theme of this track is more about questioning the normally which is what a lot of B.o.B’s music strives to do as we are so conformed to just except what is happening or be told to not try to cause a revolution. Production is otherworldly which isn’t a shocker because B.o.B has been a menace on beats since “Adventures of Bobby Ray.” Dope track that has me hyped for “Better Than Drugs” which drops August 19th while he will start the tour for the album on the 27th of August.


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