Czarface Meets Abstract: A 1/1 Custom from AWNL

ArtWithNoLabel (AWNL) posted this awesome 1 of 1 abstract hoodie designed after “Czarface Meets Metal Face” on August 7th, 2022. Coming out of Melbourne, Victoria the mysterious AWNL does a variety of abstract fashion pieces with many of your favorite artist but this one popped up in my search hub and hooked me like a fish. I really love the back hit which has the duo combined into one being with the aftermath of an atom bomb in the background that looked almost like a halo to me since it is thin. The chest portion looks straight out of the comics with an awesome lighting bolt design that looks like earphone cables that extend up to the hood which has two hits with an awesome split of dirty green and washed blue. This piece has more soul then a sock with a hole that every MF DOOM or Czarface fan would appreciate so if you dig this go cop it from AWNL or even contact them through DM for your own piece!

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