Weekend Recap with Thatfool Al

My brother Al celebrated a weekend full of fun with a release party for his album “Home Boy” along with an amazing performance at Culture Night Market at PayPal Park. Thatfool Al hosted his own version of Tiny Desk on July 22nd where he would give a live session of his latest album “Home Boy” to all the real ones who support underground sound rather than just say they do. My man has such a great energy when it comes to preforming with his body flowing as the instruments harmonize behind him setting him into a motion where he can’t help but get jiggy with it. His contagious smile continues as he would would then preform on the 23rd in my hometown of San Jose at the Culture Night Market in front of a larger crowd also preforming some older and newer joints. My man had a killer weekend a while back but lets make a murderous month for him by streaming his album throughout August, whether it be one time or 10 times just put it in your mix. As always show love for a hard working MC from the city I love.


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