Stay Focused – Zane Smith (Music Video)

Georgia based artist Zane Smith released a brand new single titled “Stay Focused” along with a music video on August 5th, 2022. Zane brings a deeper understanding to his grind as he raps about his trials to survive on the streets while trying to continue pursing his dream as a rapper. In the music video we get a lot of text that fills you into that journey from when he was kicked out of his parents house to spending 14 hours a day working to make it in Atlanta while then dragging himself back to a homeless shelter to repeat that for 6 weeks until he saved up for his own crib. I have to say he is a stronger man than me, you have to give Smith flowers for surviving the struggles he had to face. Production for his track was well done with a very good flow that works with Zane’s delivery. The music video was also shot perfectly giving me this reality TV show like vibe when it cuts to explain his story while having unique angles of Zane Smith by a river with cool closeups to express how personal this song is. Amazing track that I hope hypes you for his next project so be sure to follow him for more!


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