Thug Loaf: Sourdough Rises into Your Favorite Artist

iain or better known on social media as Thug Loaf is the man behind some awesome bread bowls along with other dishes. Coming out of Belfast, Northern Ireland Thug Loaf bakes some absolutely beautiful sourdough bread but his abilities to bake/paint in design is awesome. These are just 4 of his many works that I found to be amazing, from Kanye’s “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” to Tyler the Creator’s “Flower Boy” with a very funky looking loaf with a man that matches the look, Earl Sweatshirt. All love to Earl with my bad jokes aside this is some really awesome work that got my attention, best of all is he leaves the ingredients along with baking instructions in his captions so you can try to replicate them. Next step is making a book in my opinion but for now go follow Thug Loaf for some more dope dough!


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