You’re Retired: Vince McMahon Announces Retirement amid Sexual Scandal

Chairman & CEO of WWE Vince McMahon has announced on Twitter that he will be stepping down leaving his daughter, Stephanie McMahon along with Nick Khan as the new Co-CEOs. This is hot off of his sexual harassment case where it has been documented on paper that Mr. McMahon has paid up to if not more then 12 million to keep 4 former employed woman silent for more then 16 years; included in the payments was a signed nondisclosure agreement to prevent them from speaking on their relationships with McMahon. Now he is taking this like a champ with McMahon making two appearances after this came out, one the night right after on Monday Night Raw. Now the status of the relations Vince had with these woman is unknown but one thing is certain, we will see a change in the industry after this.

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