Me and My Puppets: A Creation from My Puppet Pal

My Puppet Pal is a custom puppet shop based outside Ottawa, Ontario that has crafted quite a few iconic artist like Tupac, MF DOOM, Biz Markie and a couple others that you know! First I wanna give some flowers to Lex One, I follow this dope brother on TikTok and he actually has posted the Biz Markie puppet replica along with MF DOOM before I discovered My Puppet Pal so show him love; he is a hardcore collector for all things hip-hop and makes me wanna add more to my slow collection. My Puppet Pal had dropped this amazing replica puppet of Biz Markie from Masta Ace’s album “Me and The Biz” where Ace was holding a Biz puppet as the cover piece. After Biz came Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. which were custom commissions for someone; then DOOM entered along with Czarface which link up perfectly for their album “Czarface Meets Metal Face.” I have to save the Czarface puppet looks amazing, I really dig the metallic fabric used that reflects lighting along with all the detail put into the face. This quality work isn’t cheap so if you’re interested in anything you see contact them through IG or hit the button below to go purchase the Biz Markie puppet; as always show major love to both My Puppet Pal and Lex One!


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