Lil Wins – ThatfoolAl (Music Video)

My man Al dropped another Lil Homies themed heater named “Lil Wins” on July 15th, 2022. Gather around brothers and sisters as ThatfoolAl does some spoken poetry on why you need to act now rather than wait for life to move on by as you’re looking at the rearview window wondering if you should have followed; this is all about growth while taking/appreciating the little wins like finishing a book or making yourself a healthy meal. This is a very warm welcomed track that has me hyped for Al’s album “HOME BOY” dropping July 22nd, 2022. The stop motion shooting of this video was awesome, keeping the theme to his previous singles he has been releasing. I really liked the nod to SJ like the 408 house number representing the area code I came from while also bringing in hella different homies adding to the size and scale of this video! Dope work that has me ready for the album so be sure to mark your calendars for “HOME BOY” dropping July 22nd.


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