No Names – Dre Wave$ (Music Video)

Washington DC based MC Dre Wave$ dropped a brand new single on GOD VZN titled “No Names.” Released July 13th, “No Names” has the DC rapper taking the beat by its throat to command it’s respect as he drops bars about how nice he is while breaking down that goddess we all hunt for in life. The track is short and simple but brings bars in the one verse as Dre has really blown up from when we first covered him a couple years ago. Production was handled by Arlo who did a fantastic job at bringing the heat to keep Dre’s fire flaming with engineering credits to EthosANiMUS who did his thang. The music video was wet, CamBoh handled the filming/directing with some awesome shots that brought out the steam on Dre’s fits; the edited in visuals also brought a dope, trippy element to Dre Wave$ periodic releases! Show everyone involved some major love with a follow, be sure to keep up with anyone tied to GOD VZN as they drop nothing but heat!


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