POP! – OMNI (Music Video)

Georgia trio OMNI dropped a music video for their brand new single “POP!” on June 23rd, 2022. Some dope boys from the peach state preach bars in their latest track that had me rewinding to hear every line in detail. JoVaughn Simmons starts it off on this high energy, in your face track with a fast flow with a modified voice that grabs your attention out the gates. I’d lie if I said exactly what these dudes are rapping about but their track record with me is all on their bars being nasty like a crusty bitch. Dawvro jumps in like Spider-Man with bars that are freakier than the effects used on Simmons face. The curly haired hunk J’Aime tops off the track like a cherry with an unapologetically hard verse that really made the track”POP!” Ya’ll love my wordplay but don’t need to say it; speaking of things to say I have nothing but positives for the beat which was created by OMNI with mixing from Jay Que. I have said that these three sound like a raw BROCKHAMPTON mixed with Odd Future with the up most respect because other than making comparisons these dudes are doing some unworldly shit. Omni handled directing the music video with some added help from Chehade to create a really odd but amusing creation. Overall show these talented artist some major love!


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