CRISIS! – Young Wabo x haxkman (Music Video)

Experimental rap artist Young Wabo teamed up with haxkman to release their brand new single “CRISIS!” with an accompanying music video that has an awesome look to it. Now I ain’t new to experimental rap as the sound has been on my site through my homie DemarcoTheMan and Earl Sweatshirt; it is a unusual sound that I rarely hear used but love to see when sent in. The song was written by Tzu, haxman and Young Wabo all wrote the song but haxkman handled production. Now you may be wondering who Tzu is but I couldn’t tell you however his penmanship is great along with the others as the track feels like a persons mind-state crumbling where they’re mad at everyone and feel stuck in a lifeless system. The animation done by Jamie Hutchi reflects those same feelings from falling in an endless void to wasting the day Hank Hill style by smoking near a changed fence that is keeping your dreams and motivation locked up. Production is amazing, haxkman did a great job at really keeping the song in tune with the story along with just crafting a funky ass beat. Overall this is some fantastic work from some underground brothers that are working on a collaboration album so if you dig this be sure to follow them for updates.


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