LONER – Zodiac Black (Single)

My buddy Zodiac Black released his first single “LONER” on June 19th, 2022. “Loner” covers the theme of fuck bitches get money while breaking down how being a loner has it’s pros & cons like living a fast life that could end up leading to worse. Zodiac explains how he’d rather stay home, smoke some gas and try to dissect his brain in the comfort of his room. Now I had to ask my homie at first if this was him on the verses because he sounded completely different from his normal voice but I liked that because it worked well with his production. Speaking of production he completely crafted that himself from mixing and mastering very well, his beat had a blend of trap elements with some lofi sprinkled in but worked great with his verses & flow/delivery. Overall this is a great first song for my bro so make sure to show him love as he is working on putting more music out and developing his sound!


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