BlueBerry Hill – Theyloveoc (Review)

St Louis, Missouri artist Theyloveoc released his first ever EP on June 24th, 2022. Now I am horrible with time management because Theyloveoc had submitted his single “Of Lately” back in April during my move across country and I unfortunately never followed up with bro; but that is okay because now we have a full project to give some insight on from a very talented brother. Now I picked his brain a little bit and this was a experimental piece as he normally makes laid back lofi tracks that you can dance & smoke too but he switched it up with a more Southern chopped n’ screwed sound that I really felt worked perfect with his flow/delivery. Clocking in at 12 minutes, 4 tracks we’ve had enough chit chat so lets dive into a slice of “BlueBerry Hill” by Theyloveoc.

The Breakdown

We begin with “Our Games” which has a nice chopped n’ screwed intro that leads into the beats loop with Theyloveoc beginning his verse. The theme for me felt like a battle of hearts, how two people who have feelings for each other keep dancing around the concept of being together as one party tries to move from a previous relationship while the other seems clueless to the obvious heart eyes being displayed. The production is nasty like the flu, I really dig this chopped sound that got blended with elements of lofi, it works wonderfully! “WantYou” has a cool vocal intro that leads into some deep base with heavy trap and screwed influence. The theme to me felt like an ex trying to slither back into your life but you’ve got 20/20 vision and only see the money; rather then testing faith again you inform this trifling female that your grind is more important than getting some top. The beat again is awesome with lots of base, perfect for a loud system in your car to ignite a J too. Are self-titled track “Blueberry Hill” has a higher dose of lofi than chopped n’ screwed but might be the best track of the 4. Theyloveoc really reminds me of Andre Nickatina with his flow/delivery as he raps about overcoming mental health hurdles while seeking a place in the vast universe. I really enjoyed everything with this track; especially the production which has a funky rhythm that works so well with his voice.”Futurewayz” is the final track on the EP and acted as the only single released beforehand. Similarly to the pervious tracks it has a very interesting vocal introduction that slowly leads into the beat and verse seamlessly. The theme to me felt like a deep dive on what one wants to be or do with themselves but begins to try and find their full purpose in the world, asking what legacy they will leave whether it be through music or family the world keeps spinning and you have to stay in motion. Production had a very funky sound with a usage of acoustic guitar that kept it from being like any other track; truly a fantastic way to conclude the EP with a everlasting sound!

BlueBerry Hill – Theyloveoc

Final Thoughts

This is overall a fantastic debut EP for Theyloveoc that hopefully sparks a follow-up. I think him trying a different sound worked well, more so I think he should experiment more with this chopped n’ screwed lofi mixture he has because he really nailed a vibe here. My favorite track was “Blueberry Hills” for a multitude of reasons that you already read but just to restate them; excellent production with fantastic verses that really set a laid back, peaceful vibe. Show Theyloveoc a lot of love to get more music out of him, as always I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “BlueBerry Hill” by Theyloveoc.


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