Hopscotch – Paris Williams (Single)

Michigan based artist Paris Williams has stayed quiet for a good chunk of 2022 but has now come out with his second single, “Hopscotch” dropping June 21st, 2022. He previously released his previous single, “CHUNKY” back in late April but we missed it due to moving across the country so we’re paying it back by peeping “Hopscotch” which reminded me why I really dug Paris in the first place. He is apart of this wave of artist that make fun music like my homie Jaydin or Yung Men. Now “Hopscotch” takes your playground game and introduce a good mixture of life lessons with a spoonful of cockiness as Paris steals your girl through his charismatic flow that delivers bruising bars like a game of wall ball. Production was handled by Paris with mixing/mastering done by Sleepwvlker; this beat matched that same childhood vibe but really had my body moving to the rhythm as the base slaps you in the face. Really dope single that will have a music video dropping July 4th so be ready for more than just fireworks!


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