Trapped in a Cell: R. Kelly Gets 30 Years

It has been reported that R&B legend R. Kelly has been slammed with a 30 year sentence in prison for his sex trafficking racket. Ya’ll thought Cosby was a menace but Kelly has been hiding some demons in his basement after 8 victims spoke against him in court for grooming, his sex dungeon in Chicago where he was having young girls preform fetishes of Kelly while he would groom the girls. Now this is hot off the press from Ghislaine Maxwell, girlfriend to Jeffery “Suicide” Epstein who received 20 years for her role in Epstein’s sex island scandal. Kelly will also return to Chicago to face charges for obstruction and child pornography. Really makes you wanna update your 90’s playlist now so all we’ll leave you is this, one last hit from a very weird individual.

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1 thought on “Trapped in a Cell: R. Kelly Gets 30 Years

  1. Breaking News! R. Kelly Engaged to Joycelyn Savage


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