New Beats from Whoa1.0

My brother Whoa1.0 has dropped 4 brand new beats in the past week waiting for some dope MCs to grace them with bars! Now 4 beats means 4 breakdowns so let me cut the crap and write the facts. Make sure to follow him if you dig these beats or even cop one to be featured on my page!

OMG – Whoa1.0

Starting with a beat that isn’t pictured in the cover is “OMG” which just dropped two hours ago so I figure we should include it into this piece. I really dig the BeatStars loop that reminds me of a lot. The beat itself is funky, has a little India sound to it with a good flow that really resembles liquid dropping or a leaking faucet.


“REDEMPTION” carries that BeatStars loop I dig while adding a ghostly effect into the track. It starts off very funky but slowly eats into that creepiness; later reemerging the beat completing a perfect continues loop. I really dug the sound and visualized some old Betty Boop cartoons running in the background as it played.

EERIE – Whoa1.0

Now “EERIE” for me feels mistitled as I think “REDEMPTION” had a more mysterious ghoul sound as this beat felt more like a trapping 2000’s joint. I do like the sound effects used which reminded me a lot of 8-bit games but I think the title just doesn’t match the sound which again isn’t a knock because the beat still goes but rather a small critique.

TRIBUTE – Whoa1.0

“TRIBUTE” may be my favorite of the 4 beats for its funky soul fusion. I absolutely love the flow, the rhythm and overall the melody of this beat as it melts like hot butter in a skillet. I think this was a homerun for my brother and I really need to see someone hop on this beat pronto!


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